Powerful Features for Effective Campaigns

Reach more customers, increase revenue and grow your business

Direct Communication

SMS GATE allows you to communicate directly with your clients. Your messages are delivered directly to their mobile phone, enabling them to reply back to begin a virtual conversation.


Save Time Using Templates

Personalize a template, save it and use it in the future when you repeat a campaign. Save time by using templates to communicate offers you’ll use throughout the year.

personalised _templates

Schedule Campaigns

You have the liberty to send your message when you want! Simply schedule the date and time you want your text message to be sent, and our SMS GATE software takes care of the rest!

schedule_ campaigns

Personalize Messages

Addressing your customers by name strengthens brand loyalty. You have the ability to personalize your group SMS by including your customer’s name and any other relative data by using custom fields.


Measure Success

By reviewing your campaign results, you can determine what messages and dissemination tactics worked well and were best suited for your customers. Our text message marketing software tracks your campaigns so you can measure the success rate of each.

More Features
Local Phone Number
Your company will have its own unique Mobile Virtual Number, a 10 digit phone number. The number is considered a long code because it’s formatted the same as a local phone number, to include an area code.
Unlimited Keywords
You have the freedom to choose any word as a keyword for your campaigns! There are limitations with other providers, especially for short codes. SMS Gate offers the flexibility of unlimited keywords without the hefty price tag.
Service Levels
The price you pay depends upon the size of your audience. If you’re just starting out and have less than 100 contacts on your list, you pay NOTHING! Lists containing 500 contacts is $29 per month. Lists with up to 1,500 contacts is $49 per month.
Manage Contacts
Group Contacts
You have the option of segmenting your contacts into an unlimited number of groups. When your campaign is ready for dissemination, select the groups you want to text message. Picking and choosing your audience is empowering! And the duplicate checker ensures your customers don’t get the same message twice.
Upload Contacts
Transfer your customers’ information directly to your SMS list. Upload a spreadsheet or copy and paste the information. You can keep it simple, by only listing a phone number, or you can have all the details, to include their name and address. For those customers who opt-in directly, their information is automatically added to your list.
Custom Fields
Our text message marketing software allows you to customize fields to fit your database of customers. If your database contains more information than our existing fields, simply change the fields to match your database. Once they’ve merged, you have a single list of contacts from which you can initiate a SMS campaign..
Advanced Messaging

Forward Messages

If you’re always on the go, you can forward incoming text messages from your customers to your email or mobile phone. Our Message Forward feature enables you to keep an eye on incoming messages without logging into your SMS Gate account. Incoming texts are automatically forwarded to you, as you deem. Carrier rates may apply for mobile phone delivery.
Schedule Messages
The best feature SMS marketing has to offer is scheduling the dissemination of messages. Create your special offer in advance, determine the date and time you want it delivered, then schedule it. Utilizing this features gives you the freedom to promote discounts without having to actually be at your computer to input and send the offer. Scheduling messages allows you to do two things at once.
Follow-up Campaigns
Your customers who have redeemed an offer via SMS deserve to be treated like a VIP. Follow-up campaigns are designed to do just that. When you’ve identified repeat customers, tag them accordingly in your lists. Give them the royal treatment by texting particular offers just for them. The offers can be relayed in a scheduled series too.
Track Messages
Whether you're sending simple text blasts or you're running multiple keyword campaigns, we keep track of your messages. Our reporting section provides you with valuable information, like incoming and outgoing messaging counts. Find spikes, analyze the results, refine your campaign, repeat and profit.
Track your contacts
Contacts are automatically tagged by the way in which they joined your list: opt-in, keyword or sign-in widget. Our SMS marketing software allows you to see when and how contacts joined your list. See how opt-in spikes coordinate with your bulk texting efforts. Track opt-outs to learn which campaigns were less effective.
Message Log
Looking for a message you sent? Or a particular reply from a particular contact? We keep a detailed message log of every single SMS you’ve sent or received, so you can easily search a specific one or report on a bunch.