SMS Marketing Service

Create more opportunities for customers to patronize your business. Drive traffic to your establishment by giving customers a reason to visit you.
The more they visit, the faster your business grows. Group texting is easy! Our SMS campaigns are simple, responsive and free!

Increase sales using free SMS marketing software

Your customers are always on the go, so mobile marketing is the best way to reach them. Text messages have a 95% read rate.
Our free text message marketing software enables you to connect with customers immediately.
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"Texting special offers on our slow days have resulted in increased business. "
--James Berman

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Grow your business
Earn additional revenue for your business now! Group SMS delivers your special offer to customers in real time! Sign up, send a SMS, and see your customers all in the same day!
Great rates
Our rates are much lower than the competition, so the cost to utilize this new form of advertising is inexpensive. Our prices are less than $50 per month, versus the hundreds of dollars per month that others charge.
Attract customers
Pick up the pace on slow days by texting incredible deals to your customers. Remind your customers you're open for business and are eager to see them on their next visit.